Holiday Lashes


During your holidays you need to spend 100% of the time on yourself and those guilty pleasures. Nothing that is mundane, rushed or engaging should draw you away from blissful relaxation. What can you do to make your holiday truly unforgettable? Do everything that you haven’t done before. Live the life to the fullest. Have fun and discover all the wonders of the world. But remember – even in your free time you need to look beautiful.

“How come?” – you ask – “Do I need to carry a makeup bag with me everywhere I go? Check, whether my makeup didn’t run? Are you out of your mind? How is that even possible?”

“In a very easy way” – I answer.

Holiday look

The HOLIDAY LASHES treatment is something that you need when you are getting ready for an unforgettable holiday, regardless of where the journey, summer flirting, or real holiday love will take you. It does not matter whether you will end up on a hot beach, near the Caribbean Sea or skiing in the mountains, your lashes will always look photo ready.

The HOLIDAY LASHES look very natural, but no one, I promise you that, will think that they are not your real lashes. Every handsome man’s heart will beat faster when you give him the sweeping look from under your beautiful, gorgeously curled HOLIDAY LASHES.

Thanks to the HOLIDAY LASHES eyelash extensions you will feel free and beautiful. You don’t have to waste time on you daily make up routine and you can forget about mascara. You are not in danger of smudged mascara when you allow yourself to indulge in a spontaneous plunge into the hot sea or the pool.

HOLIDAY LASHES are gorgeous, 24/7. You wake up ready to face any holiday adventures and flirtatious moments. Find out, how eyelash extensions will help you enjoy all those unforgettable moments.

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