Practical workshops

Practical workshops

The accredited Mystique Lashes Training Academy also specialises in practical workshops for people who have already become familiar with the theory and practice of eyelash extensions application and wish to improve their practical skills under the supervision of a Master Trainer and a Format Expert.

The range of practical classes may include three different subjects, but is not limited to:

Eye styling workshops – „Styling like a boss” - you will learn the methods of eye styling, hiding imperfections, choosing the length, thickness, curls of lashes for the given eye shapes.

Correct technique workshops – „High performance” - during the mentoring session we check the quality of work and discuss the mistakes made, develop useful habits and train the application technique

Great fans workshop – „Pro fans” - the workshops concern the Russian Volume method and the perfect method of creating fans of eyelash extensions


Duration and price of individual workshops

The workshops last 4 hours. You will spend this time with the Master Trainer and Format Expert of the Mystique Lashes Training Academy. Workshops are held on an individual basis. The whole attention of the trainer is focused exclusively on you.


Eye styling workshops – „Styling like a boss” - £200

Exercises of the correct application technique – „High performance” - £300

Creating fans – „Pro fans” - £200


Dates of workshops are set individually.