Studio in Coventry

I work, you relax or in other words about me and the Mystique Lashes treatment room in Coventry.

The eyelash extension and volumising treatments I do in my Mystique Lashes treatment room in Coventry will be the most pleasant and relaxing time for you. In the comfort of my salon, you will be able to catch a breath from your daily rush while you treat yourself to the eyelash extensions, which will make you look beautiful. 

I am proud to have been nominated as a finalist in a Beauty Contest by the Official Makeup and Beauty Awards 2018

Qualified and certified specialist technician in eyelash extension and volumising treatment.

My name is Monika. I specialise in eyelash extensions and volume treatments using several methods. Beauty and style fascinate me. In 2007 I completed a visage course. Discovering and enhancing natural beauty became my inspiration for many years through experimenting and exploring diffrent methods.

The eyelash extensions and volumising treatment turned out to be my new calling, something that I specialise in, which allows my customers to see their beauty again.


For many years I experimented with using different, even most expensive beauty products to give the eyes a natural but an expressive look. Unfortunately, I was always missing something, regardless of which excellent products I used, how durable the makeup was or which techniques were used. Suddenly, I came across the eyelash extensions and volume treatments. It turned out that I had hit the jackpot, and found a solution I was looking for for years. This was the missing piece of the puzzle!

Thanks to the eyelash extensions and volume treatments every woman can become extraordinary.

You are the most important!

I am a naturally cheerful, happy and easy going person. I like meeting new people. Every client here at Mystique Lashes will feel as if they are at home. If anybody has any doubts I happily reassure them.

The individual sessions for eyelash extensions and volume treatments are completed in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

The clients, their preferences and their comfort are most important to me.

The eyelash extensions or volume treatments itself is completed after a detailed consultation, once the client’s preferences are established. The method and technique will be adapted to meet the needs of the client. 

I am very outgoing, think outside the box and am open to any suggestions – therefore I can always honestly talk about different treatment preferences with the clients. We discuss what end result they would like to achieve.

I invite you to check out my offers.

Materials that I use

I only use products from suppliers who pride themselves in selling the highest quality materials which meet specific criteria. This ensures that the lashes applied in my treatment room last a long time and always look amazing. 

I invite you to my treatment room, MYSTIQUE LASHES IN COVENTRY.