Why do we extend our lashes?

There are as many answers to this question as there are women in the world. Of course many of them choose the eyelash extensions to enhance their beauty, add to their eyes more expression and character. Other women want to be recognised in a group of people or be the centre of attention for the man they love. There are also women who do not like spending a lot of time on applying makeup, they gladly put the cosmetics and mascara brushes away and dazzle the world with their natural beauty. Well nearly all natural, because carefully chosen and professionally applied eyelash extensions are nearly impossible to distinguish from the natural ones. I know some women who’s partners still do not know their ladies get eyelash extensions. Partners know that there is something different in their other halves appearance, but do not know what it is. Eyelash extensions remain women’s sweet little secret. This secret will only be kept from men, because other women will definitely notice that their friend, colleague, mother, sister’s lashes are more beautiful and longer, the look swooning and charming.

There are also other reasons for applying eyelash extensions. Some women have a very strong need to change their appearance, but want to achieve it in a more subtle way. They could, of course, change their style of clothes they wear, hairstyle, hair colour but it seems a bit too ostentatious. That is why they choose the eyelash extension treatment, to give their eyes a brand new look.

Other women get eyelash extensions even if they do not attend parties, banquets or business meetings. Those women use the eyelash extension treatment as a treat for themselves. A prize for being patient, doing everything for their family or for amazing accomplishments, which goes unnoticed by the world as a trivial thing.

 Every occasion is perfect to celebrate courageous steps made.

The eyelash extension treatment, which I practice in my treatment room Mystique Lashes in Coventry, is the time dedicated to one client, who is able to relax, make herself comfortable and for an hour and a half forget about the daily rush. After this time there will be this extremely satisfying moment looking in the mirror and seeing herself in a completely different new light.

Regardless of what drives anyone to have their eyelash extensions and volumising treatments, it is important that the client receives the best service. The right length of eyelash extensions is chosen for the client to visually open the eye using a special styling method.

All the ladies will find something for themselves in my treatment room. I invite you to check out my offers and the description of all different types of application.