Are you brave? Fancy trying colour lashes?

Are you brave? Fancy trying colour lashes?

I am sure that every time you think about your childhood you are reminiscent. It was a wonderful time. No one called you silly when you were jumping into muddy puddles, water splattering you from head to toe and you were shrieking with joy. No one minded if you had a messy face after eating ice cream. You could run around the fields with a wreath on your head. And how about now? The world is telling you to be serious, staid and responsible. Where is that small, happy and carefree girl? The world is trying to assign you many different roles and sometimes you don’t know who you really are.


A splash of colour

Do you want to go back to the carefree childhood times? Do you dream about going back to your crazy teens? Or maybe you would like to feel like the Spring Queen chosen from the group of beautiful students? Our specially selected coloured eyelash extensions will help you achieve this.

Here at Mystique Lashes Studio, we offer colour lash extensions treatments for all who are not afraid to look for joy and a spark in their lives.


All the fantastic ideas 

Do you want to have yellow-orange lashes? Or maybe you would like blue-green shades to surround your eye? What about the rainbow lashes? Or very, hot pink? There are no limits here. Only you can decide which colours mirror your soul and the world’s curiosity. Here is where the magic begins, you can choose coloured Russian Volume lashes, Classic lashes or even a Kim Kardashian look with some colour added. The choices are unlimited and we love a challenge. Colour lashes are usually colourful on a whole length, but they can also be mixed in with black lashes to give you the edge you desire. Thanks to this effect, eyes become the true mirrors of a soul, of a woman, who has unlimited positive energy resources within. Those eyes clearly say: “I’m happy, I’m not afraid of anything, I love life!”


"Yeey" to life

When you look in the mirror, you will see your new, colourful self and you won’t be able to stop smiling. Mystique Lashes coloured lashes will provoke you to look for bright, most pleasant moments in life. Life is all about finding happiness in little things.



Author: Mystique Lashes

Photos: Envato Market