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Who I am - the secret revealed.

My name is Monika. I am certified and fully qualified technician trained in several eyelash extension applications. Beauty has fascinated me for years and since 2007 I have practiced aesthetic cosmetics, makeup and eye styling.

A variety of experiences has led me to where I am today - owning my salon, Mystique Lashes in Coventry. I have created many attractive treatments focusing on extending and volumising the lashes, which helps my customers transform into a completly new person. Eyelash extensions are very attractive to many women, it significantly reduces the time spent on a morning makeup routine and it guarantees an attractive appearance and a deep look.

Mystique Lashes treatment room in Coventry - beauty oasis.

Many years of various experiences, completing many prestigious courses and practice has allowed me to establish my range of services. I specialise in eyelash extensions and volume treatments which are carefully chosen for the needs of my clients, the occasion and beauty type. In my treatment room here at Mystique Lashes, every client will experience complete relaxation during their eyelash extension treatment. My aim is for every customer, irrespective of their age, job and beauty type to feel like a Hollywood film star. I want my clients to achieve excellent effects from the treatment. In my salon I only use the highest quality products which enable all my clients to forget what mascara is!
We are located in Coventry, near Birmingham, where we can assist you with professional eyelash extensions treatment.

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