Booking Policy

Mystique Lashes only works with the best lash artists in the industry. We use the best products available on the market.

Appointment bookings can be made through email, phone, text or Facebook/ Instagram message.

Due to health and safety reasons, we are unable to see anyone coming to the appointment with small children.

All new customers are requested to pay £20 deposit to secure the booking. This has to be paid within 24 hours of making the appointment. If the deposit is not paid to the designated Bank/ PayPal account, the appointment will not be confirmed and the visit will be given to someone else. PayPal payments need to be to the full amount, please do not assign the handling charge to Mystique Lashes. Appointment can be canceled or rescheduled no later than 48 hours before, for the customers to receive the deposit refund. With enough notice, we are able to give the appointment to someone else.

Anyone who does not turn up for the appointment, cancels last minute, reschedules several times or provides us with very late notice will not be able to receive the deposit back and will not be able to make further appointments without paying the full amount in advance of the appointment – this will be non-refundable.

All customers are asked to come for their appointments on time, please do not come late or too early – we have exact times scheduled for each customer and to allow breaks for the lash artist. This way we are able to provide you with the very best and personal treatment.

Please come for the appointment with no makeup on, all customers are asked to take their makeup off at home properly, here we only cleanse the lashes just before the application.

We allow enough time during the appointment to choose the right style of lashes and the length.

During the application, eyes have to be closed at all times and can be only opened after the application has been completed. In an emergency, we can help you answer the phone, but it is advised to keep those on silent. There is no possibility of texting during the application. Please ensure all important matters are settled before the procedure begins.

Customers suffering from any of the following conditions will not be able to have eyelash extensions treatment completed, please check this list before making an appointment: eye infections caused by bacteria or viruses, diabetes, asthma, conjunctivitis, cataracts, very dry eyes, eyelash perm, glaucoma, eye sensitivity, lack of natural lashes, extremely twitchy eyes, ADHD.

All customers are asked to follow the aftercare tips given to them by the lash artist. Please bear in mind that any oily creams, foundations, oils can stop the glue from working which will result in lashes not lasting. Also, it is advised not to go to the hairdressers for at least 24hrs after the application. It is not recommended to attend saunas and steam rooms.

Eyelash extensions have to be cleaned regularly, with special foam or a baby shampoo solution to ensure they are clean and hygienic. During the day particles of makeup, dust, dead skin rest on the lashes, which can cause infections if not cleaned properly. If the eyelash extensions have been covered with mascara (normal mascara or waterproof mascara) this will make infills impossible, due to the mascara clumping up eyelash extensions. If this happens, the customer will have to have those lashes taken off and a new set applied. Please inform the lash artist about this prior to the treatment, otherwise, there may not be enough time to complete the procedure and the appointment will have to be cancelled.

We advise making the follow-up appointments at the time of the visit, due to a very busy schedule.

Please note that we do not infill other stylist’s work. We cannot guarantee the lashes have been done properly, therefore, we cannot say whether they will last well. If you have some lashes from previous applications, completed by someone else, please let us know during the booking.

We cannot guarantee the longevity of eyelash extensions in case of not adhering to the aftercare.

Any corrections as needed will only be completed up to 6 days after the treatment.