Eyelash extensions accessories - eye prep

Eyelash extensions accessories - eye prep

In the lash world, we have so many gadgets and accessories available for the eye preparation that sometimes it can become very confusing. To help you make the right choice you can use your previous training, expertise, and familiarity with the brands. The most popular eye prep accessories you can find are eye pads, micropore tape, microfoam tape, and sensitive tapes. There are many more but I will concentrate on the aforementioned as they are the most popular.

This is what I use and the reasons why.


Preferred choices

I see many clients every day and have stylists who work with me daily. In a busy salon, you need a reliable product that will not break the bank!


Eye pads

I used to be in love with eye pads! There, I said it. That is how I was taught way back and it was what I used religiously. Now let me tell you this – if the pads are good, you are living the dream – easy to apply and easy to take off, with minimal cost. If they are not good – oh my! – You are in for a ride that you will not enjoy.  Pads can move, come off, the collagen melts into the clients’ eyes they do not fit all eye shapes and not all are good quality. I remember buying 200 eye pads from a supplier and they were just awful. Then I was stuck with accessories for eyelash extensions that I could not use. 

Personally I believe that there are better options out there. However if like me, you are stuck with unwanted eye pads, you can see my video on YouTube on how to make them better – find the link HERE.


Micropore tape

Micropore tape is one of those things you always want to keep at hand. Whether you apply it on top of the eye pads or use it to prep the eye, there is always a need for one. When it comes to preparing for the eyelash extensions treatment we can use micropore tape to secure the bottom lashes. This tape is very sticky so if you choose to use it, make sure you de-tack it first. Otherwise, you will end up with tape stuck to your client’s face, which is painful to remove. Micropore tape is great to battle hidden inner corners or drooping eyelids, I also use it as a base for the glue drop – its coarse texture holds the drop really well – on this note, I will write another article about glues for you.


Microfoam tape

This is my holy grail! Mine most famously used tape and I love everything about it. This tape is sticky enough to stay put if your client is talking or even tearing up. It’s soft when applied which provides great cushioning for the tweezers and comfort for the client. Let me tell you, this tape is awesome when it comes to taking it off. It is not too sticky but has a fabulous hold.  Also, you can cut it to the shape of your clients’ eyes. You decide what the shape of your tape should be and cut it to size.

Easy to write on, reposition and it doesn’t lose the stickiness too quickly. The only downside is the price, it can be fairly pricey but for something of this quality, it is worth it. If you would like to try it, do shop around. You can also find it soon in my shop.


Final thought

I always advise my students that trial and error are their best friends. It is good to try something new because you never know where you will find your new love. 



Author: Mystique Lashes

Photos: Envato Market