Eyelash extensions - are they good or bad?

Eyelash extensions - are they good or bad?

I am sure many times you heard a statement that eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes. I strongly believe this to be untrue. If you follow our set rules and guidelines, the lash extensions are absolutely safe. 


My experience

During my lash career, I had clients who came to me after a bad experience elsewhere, where their natural lashes were damaged during the eyelash extensions application process. Their lashes recovered beautifully from previous bad sets – while still having the extensions on. I will write a whole separate article about this for you so you can help your clients who had their lashes damaged in the extensions process by someone else and need them to recover. 


The main points to live by when wearing eyelash extensions

If you follow these main points of keeping healthy eyelash extensions, you will always find your natural lashes to be happy and healthy.

  • Always make sure your stylist is qualified, cannot stress this enough. A well-trained lash artist is a gift from God but a bad one can take you on a ride to hell.
  • Make sure you have a break from lashes every now and again. Now here, this is a very vague one I know, but everyone is different. I like to take a break from lashes every 6-12 months, my lashes are normally fairly strong, but I think it is absolutely a good practice to go without, for few weeks, and let my lashes rest every now and again.
  • If you think something is wrong, ask your stylist or get a second opinion. If there is anything that is causing your discomfort or stress, ask your stylist. I am sure they will be able to advise you and give you peace of mind. If you are still worried, ask someone else in the industry for advice and consultation.
  • Always follow your lash artists aftercare pointers, when you clean and brush your lashes on a regular basis, you will maintain healthy eyelashes as well as the healthy eye. The right application and the right care afterward are the most important things.


For the lash artists 

If you are a lash artist and would like to know how to maintain the best condition and health of your clients’ natural lashes, here is some knowledge for you.

  • Choose the length of the extensions wisely, do not overweigh them or apply eyelash extensions that are extremely long. I find the best way is to start slightly lighter and build the volume and length of lashes as you go along. This way you can safely monitor whether your clients’ natural lashes are still looking good or whether the weight is just too much.
  • Always check your clients’ natural lashes, every time they come for a top-up. If they look weaker for any reason you have few options, shorten the length, lessen the volume or suggest a break. Never compromise the health of natural lashes. This was they can recover and go back to being healthy.
  • Always separate lashes really well and ensure lash extensions are only stuck to one natural lash.
  • Avoid lashing baby lashes at all cost, because those babies need time to grow and develop, they will be ready for an extension in no time.



I hope that this article will make it easier for you to decide what to do with your lashes and let those of you in lash business improve your practice. After all, lashes are a luxury and should be treated as one. 



Author: Mystique Lashes

Photos: Envato Market