False lashes vs eyelash extensions

False lashes vs eyelash extensions

Usually, when we talk about eyelash extensions, most women think about false lashes. However, the difference between eyelash extensions and false lashes is gigantic. We could say they have nearly nothing in common.


False lashes characteristics

False lashes are secured to a strip that is attached to the eyelid. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find the right lashes. The better the material and brand, the higher the durability. With this comes a higher price of up to £40 per set. Lash strips are secured using a special glue. The problems start here. It is easy to apply the glue incorrectly, misalign the lashes or damage the strip with the first application. When that happens they have to be discarded. It is always difficult to match the right length of lashes to the beauty type and eye shape. False lashes can last up to a few days, but when applied incorrectly may unglue themselves sooner. It is hard to imagine the embarrassment of a woman during a party or a banquet whose eyelashes are coming off. The glue used to secure the lashes can also be a problem; it can cause allergies and irritation.


Incorrectly applied false lashes will instantly give away the fact that they are false. They will unnatural and not very tempting.


Eyelash extensions characteristics

The eyelash extensions application is time-consuming and requires extreme precision. You cannot carry out the treatment on yourself; you have to visit a salon which specialises in this kind of service. The eyelash extension treatment is based on attaching one or a few synthetic lashes to one natural lash. Thanks to the elasticity of synthetic lashes it is hard to distinguish them from natural ones. Eyelash extensions do not require the use of mascara and there is no need for any other treatments or product use. The lashes always look natural and elegant. They also maintain a certain level of waterproof qualities, therefore are ideal for pool parties and exercising. The eyelash extensions application completed in my treatment room here at Mystique Lashes in Coventry takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. To achieve the best look for your eyelash extensions it is advised to have an infill completed after 2-3 weeks. During that session, I top up the lashes which naturally came out or were too short for the application at the time. This process takes less than 1 hour.



Both treatments – false eyelashes and eyelash extensions have their own pros and cons. The second method is definitely more effective and always gives the perfect result. Specifically designed for every lash, their length and curl treatment completed by a qualified technician has no equals. Women, who have the eyelash extension treatment completed, always look spectacular.

If you ever wondered what the difference is between different styles of lashes, we have put together a simple article to highlight the differences for you. You will then be able to make a more informed choice when it comes to lashes and your preferences.



Author: Mystique Lashes

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