Lash isolation

Lash isolation

Today we have a hot topic of lash isolation. I will try my best not to sound harsh, but very often, when I see a new client, who still has some lashes left from the previous application, I find myself nearly sobbing – the lashes are often majorly stuck together, with minimum 2 and up to approximately 7 lashes at a time! This is extremely uncomfortable for the client to wear and damaging for their natural lashes, it prevents them from growing properly.


Let’s review the facts. 

Lash isolation takes time and skill, it is mainly time-consuming to separate the lashes and identify a one, then proceed on holding the separation with one hand, while making a fan of lashes or collecting an individual lash with the other hand. I cannot stress this enough – time is not your enemy here. As a great stylist, you need to take time to correctly isolate every single lash that you want to extend – which is pretty much every adult and teen natural lash. 

Often I see baby lashes twisted and stuck to the extensions, they are the unwelcome passengers that went for a ride with an adult lash and ended up stuck to them and often damaged in the process. 

You must understand, each eyelash is on a different cycle of growth. What that means is that each of them is on their unique journey and has a life span of approx. 3 months. To explain it easily - we have baby lashes, teenage lashes, and adult lashes. If for any reason a teenage or a baby lash is damaged in the process of lash extensions and is for example pulled out, that means that a new lash will not grow there for weeks and up to 3 months. Therefore it is important that lashes are separated correctly and extensions are applied only to the lashes that are ready for it.


What to do

Choose your salon wisely; ask for the stylists’ qualifications and prices, as well as their time of application. If someone completes a full set of lashes for £15 and it takes them 20 min there is only one thing you can do – RUN! That is the only primal response that is appropriate here! The right lash artist, who has years of experience, will not come in cheap and will not take such a short time to complete the set of eyelash extensions. Here at Mystique Lashes we have years of experience and we mentor new stylists, yet still, the fastest volume sets take us 1 hour and 30 minutes and longest up to 3 hours. The art takes time to be created.

If you think your lashes have not been applied correctly, you need to find a reputable lash artist that will check them for you and take them off if needed. Lash extensions should not be causing you pain and discomfort. If they are, it means that something is not right. Lashes are those amazing things, that should make you happy and looking extra special, not causing you distress.



If you are a lash artist and struggle with lash isolation, let us know. We will guide you through the process during our mentoring sessions. If you are a client and are looking for someone who will look after you and your lashes, our Beauty Studio is here for you.




Author: Mystique Lashes

Photos: Envato Market