Lash styling - what is it and which to choose

Lash styling - what is it and which to choose

Eyelash extensions are something much more than just extending the lashes to make them long and stand out. Of course, eyelash extensions are about adding synthetic lashes to the natural lashes, but the treatment does not end there. The real skill is in well planned and executed eye makeover, so the final effect is amazing.


The lash art

The technician is in actual fact a creator in a way, the designer of the woman’s eye setting. The interesting effect depends on the client’s choice, their type of beauty and the technician’s skill set. The main thing is to add character to the eyes, the right shape and to emphasize the iris and makeup.

1 to 1 eyelash extensions allow us to beautify the eye as well as hide any defects, for example drooping eye or crow’s feet. When the eyelash extensions are applied professionally and in an artistic way they will draw the attention to the most beautiful parts of a woman’s eyes.


Different lash styling types

There are many application types of eyelash extensions. The following three styles are most often used; “natural”, which is classical; “cat eye” and an “open eye”. 

The natural, classical method is based on applying longer lashes from the middle towards but not including the outer corner of the eye, and shorter in the inner and outer corners. This way the eyes will appear visually larger but still maintaining a very natural look. It is easy to take those eyelash extensions as your own, natural lashes.

On the other hand, the “cat-eye” eyelash extensions method will make the eye look more swooning and tempting. This is mostly used for special occasions. The longer lashes are applied in the outer corner of the eye. The interesting thing is that this treatment is adapted to the person’s own eyelash length. If the natural lashes are very short, the “cat-eye” effect might be less visible. The treatment will take slightly longer to apply, but the effect is exhilarating.

The “open eye” style is recommended for women with heavy, drooping eyelids. The technician will apply longer lashes to the area most challenged by the heavy eyelid, achieving a lovely effect of a bigger and open eye.


Individual treatment for everyone

To apply the eyelash extensions correctly, the beauty type, shape, eye colour, and client’s preferences have to be considered. The technician has to have a good sense of style and a lot of knowledge to make sure the lashes do not look fake – for example, lashes that are too straight can give the impression of a sad eye; lashes that are too curly can cause an overdrawn effect, like from a cartoon.

Here at the Mystique Lashes Studio, every woman will find something they like. I carefully choose the length and style of eyelash extensions to match the individual preferences of every client.



Author: Mystique Lashes

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