Lashes and confidence in women

Lashes and confidence in women

Modern women are always considered to know exactly what they want. They are confident, have clear goals and set priorities. They can visualise their future goals and dreams. They are independent, strong and do not rely on others. They are self-sufficient.

Is it really true? Did women stop being feminine, delicate and subtle? Did they stop wanting to be admired, loved and cherished?


Confidence and lash extensions

On one hand, a woman has to show the world that she is a strong person who can crush any obstacles in her way. Her environment, work, and family usually expect that. But how many of us can say with a hand on heart that we have not wanted to stay in our room, under a warm blanket and never ever leave the safe space?

Even though a woman is naturally strong, she can take a lot, she also needs to find the balance between her duties, the world’s expectations, and her own real nature. Therefore every woman should find courage in herself and uncover her true self to the world. She deserves someone who will spoil her, who will be her rock and who will support her; however she cannot lose her feminine side, she needs time to look after herself.


How do lashes help us?

The interesting thing is that eyes, not your clothes, makeup or facial expression will show others who you really are. On one hand; strong, independent and confident or on the other hand; delicate and needing help and support. The eyes reveal it all as they are the mirrors of the soul. It is therefore essential to give them more expression by adding eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions or volumising lashes will enhance your look. They will show the world that it deals with someone who has to be respected. The eyelash extensions or volumising treatment will transform the look of your gaze, no man will even think about upsetting you or treating you badly.

Your subtle eyes, with long and expressive volumised lashes, show the world that an independent and strong woman is still a woman.



Author: Mystique Lashes

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